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The new pioneers: Jack Rabbit Slims

8 Mar
The new pioneers of business. Jack Rabbit Slims. Kings Cross Sydney

The new pioneers of business. Jack Rabbit Slims. Kings Cross Sydney

These are the new pioneers. Micro businesses popping up across Sydney. Young entrepreneurs who are minimalist in their approach but offer something unique.

Andrea aka Jack Rabbit Slims has opened next door to the Piccolo Bar in what could only be described as a garage.

Good hair cutter as opposed to the $12 buzz cut. Not too expensive. Loads of energy and enthusiasm.

Newsletters that tell stories

3 Sep

310112 AAS A4 NL (Page 1)

Newsletters like this one from advanced anaesthesia specialists are a great way to differentiate, take ‘thought’ leadership within a category, build your brand, promote your business and sell, which after all, is the ultimate goal for any business … to make a profit!

Here’s the thing … newsletters must have some news not just a bunch of products. Newsletters tell stories.

Great … let’s do it.

Here’s the other thing … who cares?

Question: Do you understand who your customers are? Do you know what they think, hope for and need?

The rise of Social Media illustrates the fact that everyone wants to be loved, admired, supported and recognised.

Effective business communications 1st take customers seriously. They add content that tells stories customers want to read and that’s not always about product x or service y.

Newsletters like all marketing communications must have been through the so what test. Try some in house research. Involve your team. Ask your customers!

Create newsletters that hit the spot!