Imagine the internet as a vast database of information, 
ideas and communications. Communications begin with 
thoughts, ideas and concepts. A love of life, people 
and having fun. 

A sense of humour and an understanding of history and 
mortality. Where we fit in society and where society is at. 

Simon Rodie (aka the King of Content) is a writer, a 
content and communications specialist with a background in 
online education and training, traditional and digital 
advertising and marketing, fashion, healthcare, recruitment, 
and face to face training, who has always been blessed with 
creativity and 
1 billion ideas.

His ideas come from conversations, the world of business, 
inter-generational subtleties, and training groups and 
people from many different walks of life and experiences. 

Simon learned a while back that the world is an amazing 
place full of stories that are unique but also common. 

That people are people whether they wear luxury brands or 
op shop cast offs. 

Sometimes he thinks we should all be back in caves 
throwing spears. It’s all life!

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