Working with a genius

15 Sep


I have worked for a couple of people who could be termed geniuses. They are unique in the business world and like fire, often can’t be tamed.

Geniuses are innovators who continually change whatever it is their doing in their business, even when it would appear to us normal people that things were going well.

Geniuses are restless and highly inspiring.

They can also be maddeningly difficult. They do things that drive the process driven among us quite crazy. They can be downright demanding and sometimes over critical. I believe that Picasso wasn’t easy going. Look at his eyes.

But geniuses change things. They also take risks that can be un calculated.

How do we manage a genius (we manage both up and down?)

Can we tailor our personalities and expectations so that the future will come and we won’t go crazy in the process?

In the presence of real genius we do just that. It takes time.

But don’t worry … there’s not many around.

2 Responses to “Working with a genius”

  1. Rupert Noffs September 25, 2013 at 2:52 am #

    HA! I like this.

    • 1billionideas September 25, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

      It’s true isn’t it. I’ve only ever encountered two real genius and one was Lois Rodie the other Colin Dunlop. Drive us crackers … one day I said to Colin ‘Why do we do everything at the last moment. He replied with a certain amount of fire in his eyes ‘Exciting isn’t it!’

      You may be in that group too …

      Stop by from time to time and tell me what you think. I appreciate it

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