Creating a BUZZ around the Lucky Bee Part 1

15 May

its time to talk about the LB

I love the new pioneers. Small business owners who are doing it right in a world that is fast getting fed up with being led around like cattle with a cookie cutter approach to products, brands and marketing. I also admire businesses who get their marketing right in the era of multi channel, hard to reach, ‘where are they hiding now’ markets.

Spicy, Seasonal, Southeast Asian Restaurant & Bar GRASS FED + GRASS ROOTS + GRASS SKIRTS

The Lucky Bee is a restaurant/bar located in Broome Street between Orchard and Ludlow in the Lower East Side of New York City. Founded by (my nephew), Rupert Noffs and his partner chef Matty Bennett, the place has caused a buzz that has legs, fuelled not just from the food and ambiance of the place, as it is the marketing prowess of the owners.

In other words – these guys know how to use the (still newish) marketing channels of social media to the best advantage.

They are currently ranked amongst the top 25 hottest restaurants in Manhattan and have been on that list for more than a few months. This is a definite feat for a young Aussie and his Brit partner – conquering the giddy heights of the toughest, fastest city in the world.

A lot of people talk about social media and a lot of businesses use it. Some understand the medium, and a lot don’t. If you use it wrong you take the risk of alienating your friends and followers. Take for example Facebook’s pretend ads where the post about one of your friends liking say, American Express. Or an insurance company. Or a online college. Is it just me or does this make you not want to click because it’s plain and simple bullshit. Hey I guess insurance is useful but to ‘like’ it and recommend it. Puhleeze!

The Lucky Bee social marketing is far more real. It uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other platforms with social ease and no corporate trickiness and clumsiness so it stays fresh and relevant. And Google loves and rewards fresh and relevant.

Because of this, other bloggers (including me) have featured the Lucky Bee.

lucky bee interior 1

In the next few series I will be showcasing Rupert and Matty, asking them how they do it.

cockatil LB

They’re modern masters at marketing so it’s a master class.

Stay tuned





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