UBER and over into the brave new world

27 Jun
aldous huxley

a creative future to come

This week I have been hearing a lot about crowd sharing services like UBER that have caused violent protests in France for operating a service that obviously everyone wants. Like airbnb and file sharing, these new models are causing industries to re-think. Industries that are often overly regulated, or pyramidically greed driven where those at the top make all the dosh.

At the same time on a concurrent train track, we are also witnessing massive inequalities in housing where prices have been pushed up and out of the range of the next generations.

I don’t hate the baby boomers for their self centred qualities and cushy tooshy lifestyles – I’m one too. What’s more fun than going on Facebook and checking out what amazing destination a vague figure from your school days is currently at? Or checking out the snap of the main course they just ordered in a downtown chic eatery? Fascinating and congratulations to them all.

But what about the new generation? What kind of world will they be working in? Will there be corporations and mission statements and policies. Will there be HR teams dedicated to ‘culture.’

Will it even be called WORK – a harsh word for something we can enjoy.

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  1. lois arrowsmith June 27, 2015 at 12:17 pm #

    right on bro, ‘cept the food pics are not the just the province of the BB’s

    • Simon June 27, 2015 at 6:11 pm #

      You get my drift though

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