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A safe and happy Christmas

20 Dec

merry christmas 2014

Last week wasn’t a great one for Sydney. Anyone who watches the news would understand. Just one block away a siege took place that ended up in senseless tragedy. For most of the day we couldn’t leave the building and it was just plain eerie.

But what happened in the aftermath was amazing.

Martin Place was filled with flowers and people.

It was an incredible show of strength and love and still is.

Hurrying to the office and passing by this memorial couldn’t help but  move me.

It was such a beautiful thing and a testament to all the good in mankind.

I’ve had an amazing year working with amazing creative people on creative projects and I thank them for that.

Here’s hoping that you have a wonderful christmas holiday season.

Working hard and not getting noticed

20 Dec


When I was a kid you could buy a brand of bubble gum that had these silly signs on a cardboard plaques called ‘wacky placks.’ One of them I found quite amusing. It said Work fascinates me … I can sit and watch it for hours.

As I’ve weaved my way through so many workplaces I have worked alongside many amazing people who don’t get recognised for a whole lot of reasons. These people may not be the greatest communicators and they may not have ever had the skill to position themselves to get recognised but they still keep producing.

In their hearts they bow to anonymity.

They practice humility on a daily basis.

They fix things and get teams working.

But they’re hardly ever up at the rostrum or at the board room table.

Leaders … real leaders understand humility and no ego. They know what’s going on in their business. And more importantly they see who’s doing what.

Not everyone is a big talker who knows how to be noticed.

Take care of these people and surprise them with some thank you’s and pats on the back.

They are the engines that run your business.