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Always merry and bright

24 Jan

Henry Miller

Henry Miller is a hero of mine ever since I read a biography of him ‘Always Merry and Bright.’

An original voice and a trail blazer, he was known for breaking with existing literary forms. An author of over 60 books including The Tropic of Cancer, his writing remains powerful and brave. He left New York to go to Paris in 1930 to follow his dream of becoming a writer and to mix with other artists. What he found was struggle and poverty. To overcome this he asked all his friends to send him $1 a day. An early crowd funder.

What I love about Henry was that he was delighted with life including all the troubles and travails. He kept on at his art even when he was criticised and his books were banned.

Being always merry and bright is a mindset. It’s a way of looking at things from a distance.

Seeing as work takes up a large percentage of our lives, this is more than important – it’s a necessity.

Managers should never stop people being happy at work. Happy is a key to productivity and makes way for open thinking and creativity … something business always seems to strive for.

A tough micro managed environment leads to a loss of motivation.

There’s no happiness.

You can sense a creative environment and you don’t need special spaces with pool tables and signs on the wall.

You just need the right leaders. They create the environment.

The 80 20 rule

9 Jan

80 20

The Pareto Principle or 80 – 20 rule still rings true. Roughly put, this rule is about how many businesses sell 80% of their products or services to just 20% of their customers.

It’s about marketing to the de-activated customer base.

Great businesses never let go. They look for new opportunities within their databases instead of pitching to the un converted one off buyers.

It’s often undeveloped and lapsed to customers who already know how good you are.

Talk to your customers. All of them.

It’s less expensive and less risky and

it spreads the love!

Communication sandwich

6 Jan


I’m on a break and spending time with the people I care about. This means that I don’t have to get up when the alarm goes (who called it an alarm?) This means that I have some extra time to attend to things. Some of the things I attend to are digitalised. Well, to do with the internet and technology which is moving a lot faster than I can type or breathe probably.

I’m involved in communications which is a broad field if you really think about it.

Communications can be encyclopaedic or minuscule like gestures.

In business it’s about branding, positioning and ultimately selling.

I’m taking some time now to check out the digital world and it’s BIG. Bigger than ever before.

Everyone’s in there having a go.

Check out Linkedin > the business connections portal. Everyone’s up there posting and commenting and liking. This’ll be there.

Then there’s Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, instagram, youtube, vimeo ….

It’s hard to get a solo as my mum used to say.

I’m wondering if I should get a sandwich board and stand in the city somewhere.

The giant chicken suit might work too.

The Business of Kindness

5 Jan

business of kindness

I was driving back to Sydney from ‘up the coast’ as we say here and i had the radio on.

It’s long = 30 minutes so not great for the OMG brigade.

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