Tom Mix and Old Blue

21 Sep

tom and old blue 1918

This is a rare photo of the original cowboy star Tom Mix and his horse Old Blue taken in 1918.

They were a legendary team. Tom famously did all his own stunts and trick riding back when kids and adults thronged to the flickers to catch every thrilling serial.

There’s two reasons for this post.

One is about teamwork and the other about online learning.

Teamwork we understand. Online learning is different.

It’s not difficult to see that online learning is like the early days of Hollywood pre sound. It’s still in its technological infancy.

Like when the talkies were introduced, where many big stars couldn’t make it in the new medium. A few big stars had squeeky voices and it was the end of their careers.

Others transcended the medium and understood how to use their voice to maximum effect.

Online learning works when we understand how lonely it can be for the learner and how they interact with content.

Interact is not just a bunch of documents.

What we save in traditional face to face resources should be used to develop interactivity.

and take time to personally interact with your learners.

Give them some love not just pdf’s and a slick site

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