Less speed more haste

29 Jul



When I left school and joined the family business, I was very lucky to have been shown the ropes (mentored these days) by my mother who had herself left school at 15. We ran a very successful fashion business. Even though mum wasn’t tertiary educated and she’d never been trained in management or retail or anything really she was an amazing teacher.

One day I was doing something and she said to me ‘less speed, more haste.’ 

These words ring true today especially in the manic world of the internet where there is often a slight tinge of panic in the air. 

Yes we have to respond fast. But what about strategy?

There’s always time to think.

Think about strategies which lead to plans.

I work fast. I love it but I also like to use my mind and be innovative.

Innovation is key these days …

How can we do this well?

How can we do this better than the competition?

Less speed more haste!

Think about it. 

Ferrari’s are fast but they need to have a driver.

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