resilience and taking it on the chin

14 Jun


This is the Alcántara Bridge in Spain, built by the Roam Emperor Trajan between 104 and 106 AD. That’s almost 2200 years ago. It’s not modern engineering but it’s lasted. It’s prevailed. Can you imagine the hordes of people and animals and vehicles that have crossed it. The fights and battles. The life and death it has seen in that time.

The bridge has resilience built into it. That’s why it’s still here. It has strong foundations.

People at work work together. Sometimes they’re called teams. Teams support each other if they’re functioning. It’s a necessary element in all teams including sporting and in families. That’s nice isn’t it?

But guess what. S%$t happens (I censored that for you!)

But it does, even in the most highly functioning teams because people are people and we have moods, emotions, short comings. We’re not all nice all the time.

I heard about a man who was known as a man of god. That was his life. Doing good things for people who others shunned. He was also a boss. I heard that every morning he would walk into his offices and lose his block. He would systematically fire people and then an hour or so later re-hire them (or something like that.) This was devastating to his team of kind hearts and do gooders. But they stayed with him. Why?

Because they allowed him his childish behaviour because they recognised that he was angry and stressed. It wasn’t them.

It’s hard dealing with difficult people. But when you do and the sky doesn’t fall, then you build your understanding and resilience so the next time the boss loses it they know what to do. It’s called emotional intelligence.

Great teams have this resilience and it allows them to build trust and understanding one block of stone at a time.

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  1. Steve June 17, 2014 at 10:19 am #

    Nice bridge bro! That’s one of your better ones I reckon, even though the spelling and grammar aint all that shit-hot, the message is well articulated. Final mark: 6+
    It’s interesting actually, if we all worked a little harder at putting up with the shit we cop from people we actually like, respect or love, instead of getting all defensive, stomping around declaring “this is outrageous, something up with which I will not put!” (love that one, never end a sentence with a preposition, pht), then, what, I dunno, the world would be a better place? Maybe – maybe not, but we would all be happier in the long run, that’s for sure.

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