It’s what happens after that really matters

19 Apr


Things can go wrong. Like they said in the army SNAFU. Situational normal all f*&^%$#@ up! Leaders, managers, teams and individuals make plans, follow programs, address well thought out strategies and then … 

My family had a successful retail business that operated for almost 80 years. It was established during the peak of the Great Depression and it grew. It traversed WW11 and Vietnam. There were fights between siblings and a whole heap of problems both personal and professional. 

Not everyday was a good one > but the wheels kept on turning somehow. 


Recently, in a workplace, I was involved in a great effort. The place was electric. There was lots to do in my team. And each day brought lots more. It wasn’t business as usual at all and tempers flared more than the pants I used to wear. 

My last post (I’ve heard that somewhere before!) was about artichokes and the art of managing. Watching individuals unfold like the leaves till you see the heart.

During this testing period an amazing thing happened. Amid the stress, long hours and emotions the team spirit kicked in.

Esprit de Corps.

The team supported each other. There was as much laughter as there were tears (and there were some.)

It was a small thing maybe but also amazing to see a group of people act like a well oiled machine. We got through the situation and the results were excellent.

The team had more in the emotional bank account to draw upon later.

That’s when teams work really well. Before, during and after a crisis.

That’s what makes life great.

When you see that happening.

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