Never too late to relate

8 Oct

A keys to effective communications is relating to people. Walking a mile in their (well you know what I’m trying to say.) This isn’t always easy. Not everyone is open, honest, friendly and fascinating. There are barriers:

Who cares?

What’s in it for me?

I can’t spare the time

I’m uncomfortable with some people

I’m nervous so I’m thinking of what to say while your talking

A lot of this behaviour is habitual and deeply ingrained in our personalities, but we can unlearn.

I like people and find life interesting. When I meet people I try to relate to them. It’s a technique I use which is very much like looking for keywords in long documents. I listen to what people say and scan. I will then link my experience to theirs adding a dash of humour and friendliness.

We are all related in some way even if it’s just that we are human.

If we start out by thinking the best of people, we will be more open to communicating and relating to them.

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